Spend the night at the last place listed for each day. Refer to the relative section of the book for more information about each destination. A star next to the destination suggests that you could spend more than one day there.

Day 1
Day 2
Bhuj-Hodka-Chhari Dandh-Dhordo-White Desert-Hodka
Day 3
Hodka- -Nirona-Zura-Than
Day 4
Moti Virani-Lakhpat-Moti Virani
Day 5
Moti Virani-Mandvi
Day 6
Day 7

OR Mandvi-Morbi/Wankaner and Gondal (for economical accommodation return to Rajkot)
For anyone interested in the Indus Valley Civilization or archaeology, add Dholavira to the itinerary and give one full day to visit the site. It is best approached by private vehicle.