• A Catwalk in Kachchh

    Posted By : Kirkin | Sep 13, 2011
    As we leave Bhuj, the regional center of Kachchh, signs of life recede. Occasional hamlets come into view, a weak light shining through a window. It’s eight in the evening and it seems that everyone has already gone to sleep. But for us the night is just beginning. We are off... [more]
  • A Deep Impression

    Posted By : Anjali Desai | Aug 04, 2011
    Nearly 200 years ago, Pethapur (about 40 km from Ahmedabad) was the heart of the block making trade, where master artisans transformed teak wood into exquisite masterpieces. An entire community of masons transposed into wood-carving artisans to supply the blocks needed for printing Saudagiri fabrics, which were once all the rage... [more]
  • A Social Alchemist

    Posted By : Pratik Shah | May 09, 2011
    On my last visit to Sasan Gir, the lone abode of the Asiatic Lions, I traveled to Jambur, a village of the Siddi community. Mustafa, a 20 year old Siddi dancer who performs Siddi Dhamal (a traditional tribal dance of the community) was my guide to the village. On the way... [more]
  • How to Beat the Summer Heat

    Posted By : Kirkin | Apr 27, 2011
    Beating the heat during Gujarat’s summers can be challenging when the temperatures keep rising, regularly hitting 45 degrees Celsius in the peak of the season. To deal with the heat and its affect on the body, follow in the footsteps of the locals. Try some of these seasonal foods and regional... [more]
  • Celebrating World Heritage Day

    Posted By : The India Guide Team | Apr 17, 2011

    The theme of this year's World Heritage Day is the Cultural Heritage of Water.  Over the last 5,000 years of Gujarat's civilization, the region has inspired extensive water management systems, many of which are... [more]

  • Flavors of the Dangs

    Posted By : Kirkin | Feb 25, 2011
    The end of the year was marked by a road trip, an adventure into the jungles of the Dangs, a mad weekend of driving, eating, meeting people, being with nature and greenery. Leaving Ahmedabad late one night, we weave in and out of the cars and trucks heading south. Valsad was... [more]
  • World Health Day

    Posted By : The India Guide Team | Apr 07, 2011

    We recommend you consult your health practitioner and read up on the latest travel health information at least six weeks prior to departure to find out which vaccinations you will require. Duration of stay, proposed activities and travel destinations within India will affect the number and type of vaccinations needed. ... [more]