• Review of Gujarat India Guide -

    "If Gujarat isn't on your travel itinerary, it will be after reading this Gujarat guide. Possibility the best travel resource for Gujarat on the market, its colorful pictures will lure you in and enchant you, while the comprehensive information offers everything necessary to plan your trip. The guide reveals hidden treasures and meaningful journeys that will delight those who love to take the road less traveled."

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  • The Ultimate Gujarat Experience - Mumbai Mirror

    "India Guide Gujarat is packed with statistics, legends, anecdotes, pictures, stories and facts that help you maneuver round those roadblocks that keep cropping up when you travel on your own. Unlike most travel books on India, this book celebrates the colour and rawness of the Indian countryside."

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  • A Better Way to See Gujarat -

    "Think “Lonely Planet on steroids”. I appreciate the fact that this book is compiled from the perspective of an Indian American who’s been living there for a while and has been seeking out overlooked places instead of simply relying on guidance from relatives or other travel books that don’t contain nearly this level of detail."

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  • When Home Beckoned - Femina

    "They bid adieu to dollar dreams and lucrative careers to give a little something back to their homeland..."

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  • Page Views - Spiceroute

    "Leafing through the book one realises that the guide is an insider's perspective on will never get lost with this book in hand." 

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